Fiction – ASA Films (Finding My Legs)

ASA Films is a Production company with a particular interest in writing and directing culturally diverse films and as such has produced a wide variety of documentaries and fiction films based around the Middle East and a diverse range of Middle Eastern cultures.  Finding My Legs, is a full length documentary featuring double amputee Shaho Qadir who lost both his legs aged 13 in the chemical bombing of Hallabja (Kurdistan) in 1988, the film surrounds Shaho’s journey home in search of his missing memories from that fateful day. Real Film Productions enjoys a long history of collaborating with ASA Films by providing production management and producing support on a variety of projects.

RFP joined ASA Films once again, this time on Finding My Legs as Production Manager. This documentary was an extensive project including multi-continent shoots and taking several years to complete. Our subject Shaho, was a very willing participant, however constantly on the move with endless energy, running marathons in many different countries … indeed at times we found ourselves struggling to keep up with him! RFP sourced and conducted many interviews from a great variety of people surrounding and supporting Shaho, including trainers and trainees, friends and others who have crossed paths with Shaho, people who had become inspired, motivated and unable to let go of his infectious nature.

Finding My Legs is an inspiration documentary which RFP became 100% committed to. Projects of this nature, focusing on the positive and inspirational work of some in their difficult journey to overcome adversity is exactly what RFP means by ‘Other Passions’ – this is our non-commercial remit and one we find thoroughly rewarding.

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