Promotional – Beyond 190 (Cricket Superstar & Nissan)

Beyond 190 is an independent content creation and creative studio catering for a variety of commercial clients and production houses. Their work can be found on magazine covers and promoting a variety of international sports and other events. In collocation with Beyond 190, Real Film Productions captured the British element of Nissan Middle East’s, Moments That Count campaign, a visually stimulating piece of film showing the popularity of cricket worldwide.

Beyond 190 teamed up with RFP to create this stunning internationally themed cricket campaign in collaboration with Nissan, also featuring cricket star Wasim Akram. The campaign aimed to show ‘everyday people’ from all over the world simply playing cricket, a game many are extremely passionate about, in everyday life: derelict parking lots, waste ground, parks … and in our part playing cricket in the back streets of Manchester. Beyond 190’s direction for the campaign was to highlight the popularity of cricket as a sport world wide irrespective of culture, geography, wealth … in so many countries and walks of life cricket is a very much loved sport.

Tasked with the British aspect of this campaign, RFP firstly hunted out avid cricket fans to capture them doing what they love most, happily there was no shortage of willing cricketers excited to be caught on camera playing cricket. Secondly we set about searching out the perfect location, a quintessentially English street, we discovered and settled on a beautiful little pedestrianised, red brick terraced avenue in the back streets of Manchester’s Ancoats district. With the location complete right down to potted pansies and white picket fences we entered the next phase! Together with our fabulous camera man Cal Thomson, a super keen bunch of cricketers and a cricket ball, promising not to break windows, we shot some stunning slow motion footage showing Nissan how Manchester plays cricket.

We are very proud of the results and the part we played for Beyond 190 in Nissan Middle East’s final Moment’s that Count campaign, an inspiring and all-encompassing positive piece of cricket on film.

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