Fiction – Big Buddha Films (Peekaboo)

Big Buddha Films is a UK based independent film company specialising in making powerful, challenging films that tackle human dilemmas and show the vulnerabilities of human existence. Peekaboo by Big Buddha Films is a short film featuring Lesley sharp and Shaun Dooley, as a couple trying to cope with the trauma of multiple miscarriages. Real Film Productions worked with Big Buddha to line produce this fabulously moving and inspiring film.

Peekaboo tells the heart wrenching story of a couple suffering multiple miscarriages and learning to live with the grief and finality of that. Emily is heart broken and unable to accept the situation while Andy is at his wits end attempting to support Emily, but he is also dealing with his own grief, they’re on the rocks with seemingly no where to turn and no escape from their torment.

Under the guise of ‘Other Passions’, RFP was excited to provide Line Production assistance to Peekaboo as the film represented a meaningful and important story for so many people and a topic we feel strongly about. Peekaboo was shot in the northern city of Sheffield, so the RFP office decamped there. We assembled a crew of sensitive and likeminded folk who were committed to telling this story in the most sensitive ways possible. RFP was both humbled and excited by the attention and dedication we received from crew who willingly committed their efforts to this production, including our DoP Phil Wood, Sound Engineer Grant Bridgeman, and Art Director Helen Watson, along with the many other lighting crew, assistants, runners and so on.

Peekaboo was a fabulous experience for RFP, it was creative and gentle yet significant, overall a wonderful time working with such lovely people!

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To view a trailer of Big Buddha’s fiction film Peekaboo please click here for the trailer and  here for the full 14 minute long film