What do you do when a pandemic hits your latest video project squarely between the eyes?

My response to the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic was to get creative with a bit of lateral thinking and carry on! RFP were right in the middle of planning some great promotional film projects for MASH (Manchester Action on Street Health), but the lock down struck and all the restrictions that went with it, meaning we obviously couldn’t go to MASH and shoot their videos after all; but we also couldn’t just give up, so we changed the focus, tweaked the method and got back to work. Read more

RFP working with Barnabus


Barnabus are a fabulous charity providing vital support for homeless people on the streets of Manchester. The work they do is essential, inspiring, rewarding and challenging; an absolute lifeline to the many people they support in Manchester. However, this current climate is not only difficult for profit making businesses to exist in, but also for not-for-profits. With the never-ending struggle to make finances stretch to fit the gap charities fill for the government, charities need to remain both money-wise and appealing. Read more

Who we are

Real Film Productions is an ever evolving and growing team dedicated to producing great and often unique work, but then everyone says that don’t they? As a base line we produce in 4 major streams, categorised by documentarytraining + Instructionalcorporate + promotional and our final alternative category of ‘other passions’. We hold integrity in very high regard so we produce work to be proud of, work that is inspiring and uplifting, alongside necessary and respectable to the world around us. Read more

Video production, 2018 already!

Well here we are in 2018, how did we get here so fast!? On the upside, opportunities for moments of reflection are great for reviewing how things went last year and of course thoughts and aspirations for a new year; new year new focus or keep up the good work? However baring in mind, the cliche of ‘if it isn’t broken, for goodness sake don’t fix it!’ Anyway here goes on my Top 2017 Moments review of RFP’s video production work.
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Documentary – Hot Spot Films (Our History in Their Archives)

Hot Spot Films is a Cairo based documentary production with a lengthy history producing many documentaries for Al Jazeera’s Arabic channel and others, specialising in documentaries on Middle Eastern History and Politics. Real Film Productions joined Hot Spot Films on the series ‘Our History in Their Archives’. For several years RFP’s role was shooting all the UK supporting documentary material. The series recalls the most important events in recent Arab history through interviews and documents that have recently been released from Western and Communist archives.

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Training – Vitalograph

Vitalograph is a world leading provider of cardio-respiratory products and services to primary and secondary care, occupational health, the emergency services and pharmaceutical clinical trials. Vitalograph has teamed up with Real Film Productions since 2014, shooting and producing all online training videos, often in a variety of languages including English, Mandarin and Japanese.

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Promotional – Beyond 190 (Cricket Superstar & Nissan)

Beyond 190 is an independent content creation and creative studio catering for a variety of commercial clients and production houses. Their work can be found on magazine covers and promoting a variety of international sports and other events. In collocation with Beyond 190, Real Film Productions captured the British element of Nissan Middle East’s, Moments That Count campaign, a visually stimulating piece of film showing the popularity of cricket worldwide.
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Documentary – BBC (Britain in a Day)

In 2011 the BBC produced a documentary entitled Britain in a Day based on Life in a Day, a film produced by Ridley Scott the previous year made entirely of clips uploaded to YouTube. 80,000 people from around the world submitted short clips of their day, wherever they were, doing whatever was their daily life. Similarly, the BBC project Britain in a Day aimed to capture an authentic and broad-reaching snapshot of modern Britain. The 90-minute documentary was broadcast on the BBC in May of 2011 following multiple workshops nationwide with volunteers willing to share their day. It was regarding the Manchester preparatory workshops that Real Film Productions became involved in this striking project.
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Fiction – Big Buddha Films (Peekaboo)

Big Buddha Films is a UK based independent film company specialising in making powerful, challenging films that tackle human dilemmas and show the vulnerabilities of human existence. Peekaboo by Big Buddha Films is a short film featuring Lesley sharp and Shaun Dooley, as a couple trying to cope with the trauma of multiple miscarriages. Real Film Productions worked with Big Buddha to line produce this fabulously moving and inspiring film.

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Fiction – Factory Gate Films (Every Good Boy Does Fine)

Dan Kokotajlo, coming from a background in fine arts, is a self-taught director and writer from Manchester. His debut feature film Apostasy, which he wrote and directed, had its world premiere at Toronto Film Festival in 2017 and also screened at San Sebastian and London Film Festival. He won the IWC Filmmaker Bursary Award 2017, before proceeding to Every Good Boy Does Fine. Real Film Productions joined forces with producers Factory Gate Films on this fine film, providing Production Management services.

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Fiction – ASA Films (Finding My Legs)

ASA Films is a Production company with a particular interest in writing and directing culturally diverse films and as such has produced a wide variety of documentaries and fiction films based around the Middle East and a diverse range of Middle Eastern cultures.  Finding My Legs, is a full length documentary featuring double amputee Shaho Qadir who lost both his legs aged 13 in the chemical bombing of Hallabja (Kurdistan) in 1988, the film surrounds Shaho’s journey home in search of his missing memories from that fateful day. Real Film Productions enjoys a long history of collaborating with ASA Films by providing production management and producing support on a variety of projects.
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Other Passions – ASA Films / RFP (Manchester Kurdish Film Festival)

ASA films has brought Kurdish cinema to Manchester via the Manchester Kurdish Film Festival (MKFF) and for 6 years, the aim is to enable Kurdish filmmakers to exhibit their work in ‘foreign territories’, such as Great Britain, additionally to offer Manchester people a wider cultural experience of cinema.
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