Documentary – BBC (Britain in a Day)

In 2011 the BBC produced a documentary entitled Britain in a Day based on Life in a Day, a film produced by Ridley Scott the previous year made entirely of clips uploaded to YouTube. 80,000 people from around the world submitted short clips of their day, wherever they were, doing whatever was their daily life. Similarly, the BBC project Britain in a Day aimed to capture an authentic and broad-reaching snapshot of modern Britain. The 90-minute documentary was broadcast on the BBC in May of 2011 following multiple workshops nationwide with volunteers willing to share their day. It was regarding the Manchester preparatory workshops that Real Film Productions became involved in this striking project.

This BBC project aimed to capture the wide diversity off cultures and people living in Britain today, the program would highlight the lives of everyday people living and going about their daily life. The precursor were multiple workshops run nationwide with volunteers willing to share their parts of their day on 12 November 2011. Volunteers were trained to shoot basic clips and upload their day to a private Youtube channel, all exactly on 12 November 2012, the finale would be a 90-minute broadcasted BBC documentary.

As the Manchester coordinator for the 90-minute documentary, RFP searched for people based in the North West from all walks of life, culturally, geographically and demographically. Our task required considerable lateral thinking and searching to achieve a strong cross-section of participants that represented the many communities and diversities living in this great community.

Britain in a Day was an inspirational and insightful project for RFP, supporting diversity and inclusivity in our local community and also the much wider community, whilst also encouraging greater appreciation of diversity in our community today.

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