What do you do when a pandemic hits your latest video project squarely between the eyes?

My response to the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic was to get creative with a bit of lateral thinking and carry on! RFP were right in the middle of planning some great promotional film projects for MASH (Manchester Action on Street Health), but the lock down struck and all the restrictions that went with it, meaning we obviously couldn’t go to MASH and shoot their videos after all; but we also couldn’t just give up, so we changed the focus, tweaked the method and got back to work. Read more

Documentary – Hot Spot Films (Our History in Their Archives)

Hot Spot Films is a Cairo based documentary production with a lengthy history producing many documentaries for Al Jazeera’s Arabic channel and others, specialising in documentaries on Middle Eastern History and Politics. Real Film Productions joined Hot Spot Films on the series ‘Our History in Their Archives’. For several years RFP’s role was shooting all the UK supporting documentary material. The series recalls the most important events in recent Arab history through interviews and documents that have recently been released from Western and Communist archives.

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Documentary – BBC (Britain in a Day)

In 2011 the BBC produced a documentary entitled Britain in a Day based on Life in a Day, a film produced by Ridley Scott the previous year made entirely of clips uploaded to YouTube. 80,000 people from around the world submitted short clips of their day, wherever they were, doing whatever was their daily life. Similarly, the BBC project Britain in a Day aimed to capture an authentic and broad-reaching snapshot of modern Britain. The 90-minute documentary was broadcast on the BBC in May of 2011 following multiple workshops nationwide with volunteers willing to share their day. It was regarding the Manchester preparatory workshops that Real Film Productions became involved in this striking project.
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Fiction – ASA Films (Finding My Legs)

ASA Films is a Production company with a particular interest in writing and directing culturally diverse films and as such has produced a wide variety of documentaries and fiction films based around the Middle East and a diverse range of Middle Eastern cultures.  Finding My Legs, is a full length documentary featuring double amputee Shaho Qadir who lost both his legs aged 13 in the chemical bombing of Hallabja (Kurdistan) in 1988, the film surrounds Shaho’s journey home in search of his missing memories from that fateful day. Real Film Productions enjoys a long history of collaborating with ASA Films by providing production management and producing support on a variety of projects.
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Other Passions – ASA Films / RFP (Manchester Kurdish Film Festival)

ASA films has brought Kurdish cinema to Manchester via the Manchester Kurdish Film Festival (MKFF) and for 6 years, the aim is to enable Kurdish filmmakers to exhibit their work in ‘foreign territories’, such as Great Britain, additionally to offer Manchester people a wider cultural experience of cinema.
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Documentary – ASA Films (Black Days)

ASA Films is a Production company with a particular interest in writing and directing culturally diverse films and as such has produced a wide variety of documentaries and fiction films based around the Middle East and a diverse range of Middle Eastern cultures. Black Days is an ASA Films documentary exposing the harsh realities of the 1980’s chemical bombings of Hallabja, a town in northern Kurdistan / Iraq. The film delivers its message via interviews from 3 survivors who experienced the bombings first hand, the film also pays tribute to the local townspeople, the thousands who perished that day and others who still live with the mental and physical scars today. This film is their reality of the bombing that fateful. Real Film Productions became involved with Black Days via providing production management support to the documentary.
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Other Passions – Glitterfish Productions (RUEU?)

Glitterfish Productions is an arts based organisation focusing on using art to inspire, support and encourage both young and older people from all walks of life, focusing on social issues and inclusion for all. Their projects surround a variety of art forms including video and film, mosaic, painting, photography and so on. On this particular production Real Film Productions became involved to guide, train and support young people involved in developing this ‘real film’ exploring the introduction of identity cards and what this may mean for them and their peers.

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Documentary – WFA / RFP (Refugee Exodus to the North West)

The Workers Film Association (WFA) offered support, training and resources to filmmakers, they also acted as producers to one of our very early documentaries Refugee Exodus To The North West. This documentary delved into the lives of refugees in Manchester, asking what their experiences were of merging into a new community that wasn’t necessarily very welcoming. This is a hot topic for RFP and one we feel very strongly meets our aims and goals of featuring social and inclusion issues.
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Promotional – Stockport Council (Brinnington Lantern Parade)

The Brinnington Lantern Festival run by Stockport Council is a fabulous annual community event, incorporating community led and run lantern making workshops, with a finale of a spectacular nighttime lantern parade. Real Film Productions was contracted by Stockport Council to capture the event’s 10th anniversary on film.  Read more