Promotional – Stockport Council (Brinnington Lantern Parade)

The Brinnington Lantern Festival run by Stockport Council is a fabulous annual community event, incorporating community led and run lantern making workshops, with a finale of a spectacular nighttime lantern parade. Real Film Productions was contracted by Stockport Council to capture the event’s 10th anniversary on film. 

Parts of Stockport face many challenges, both economically and societally. However once a year the entire community, young and old, from all walks of life, come together to support the annual Brinnington Lantern Festival, a Chinese lantern style of festival / parade. On the 10th anniversary RFP was tasked with filming and recording every aspect of this event from the build up of community workshops and planning to the final parade events.

Festival events begin with free workshops held within the community’s schools and community centres; the festival aims to bring residents of all ages together to celebrate their community positively. RFP filmed all aspects including workshops and the final nighttime parade, capturing the love and dedication of local residents. Initially, filming took place from very early planning and workshop phases in schools, community centres, local fairs and so on. Within this aspect we sought to not only capture the making of the lanterns but also the spirit of the community, how people come together, support one another and create new friends and  connections.

Filming is always challenging when dealing with large groups of people in a variety of open air and noisy locations, nonetheless it was vital for RFP to include the many different people and range of events that the event involved. Consequently RFP made many trips to Brinnington to attend workshops held in schools, community centres and parks, we captured the communities enthusiasm, dedication, excitement and build up to the finale, which we and portrayed in the final 8 minute film. The film highlighted a community of likeminded people working collaboratively towards a common and mutual positive goal.

The Brinnington Lantern Parade was a marvellous and captivating event from start to finish. The event showed how a struggling community can work together in a positive and uplifting way, we were very proud to be part if it.

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