Corporate + Promotional Videos

In this section we’ll explain what corporate + promotional videos are and why you need them. If you’re new to video it can seem daunting, but it really doesn’t have to be. The basics are: you don’t have to be in it, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Oh, and yes, it is invaluable to your business!

Why does my business need corporate + promotional videos?

If a picture is ‘worth a thousand words’, video must be worth a million!

Indeed, 1 minute of video equates to about 1.8 million words, with each of those words being far more memorable. Video is no longer a flashy expensive tool for ‘money making companies’, but a fundamental part of your marketing plan. The ease and expectation of your current customers and more importantly, potential customers, to view your business via video and get to know you and what makes you tick, makes it a vital tool in your marketing bag of tricks.

Practically, the use of video in business has infinite advantages: increases the accessibility of product information and thereby customer interest, creates brand loyalty and awareness, all this culminates in relationship building with your customer. Whether you’re after a highly skilled and professional image to build confidence in your corporate product, or more emotive and creative links with your customers, video marketing will deliver this and so much more.

On a techier level, Google loves video because people love video. Google’s goal is to respond to potential customers’ web searches with ‘relevant responses’, and Google is super-hot on this. Google views your video as evidence of relevant and quality content, encouraging it to drive more traffic to your website, in turn boosting your page ranking and SEO.

Another hot reason for using video is as an information tool. When website visitors have questions a great way of converting them into customers is by responding to their questions as quickly as possible. Using video provides customers instantly with vast amounts of product information, more so than still images and more conveniently than static text, your customers will love you for not making them wait for vital information!

What can corporate + promotional videos be about?

Corporate + promotional video can be about absolutely anything!

Videos can be about; selling your product, your business, yourself, an idea, encouraging brand loyalty, signing up to a newsletter, product information, after-sales service or simply a rave about your business, successes or awards.

Videos can be factual and informative, entertaining and amusing; they can be long or short, inspiring and motivating; they can be about a specific event or moment such as a product launch or more generally about your business.

Ultimately, the focus, nature and purpose of your video is limitless, as is the audience it can attract and absolute benefits to your business.

Where and how will I use my video?                                                                  

Newsflash! YouTube is shouting about it’s billion users watching a billion hours of content every day!

Now these billion users may not all be your niche customers and YouTube may not be your preferred platform, but hear this, people love video, and if your business doesn’t have video you’re being left behind. However if YouTube isn’t for you, alternative video platforms exist, the obvious one is your own website; however, your video can also be embedded on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and so on), used as part of an email campaign, on umbrella sites or on partner websites.

Corporate + promotional videos extend far beyond simply advertising products. You can use videos as an opportunity to reach out to your target customer, introduce your business, yourself or your staff. Top tip: remember to share how you can help customers by discussing the benefits of your product or service rather than the features. This helps customers see they’ll benefit rather than what you will, after all, it is all about them, isn’t it?

What should I know and do before making a corporate or promotional video?

The most important thing we can tell you to do initially, is to watch as many corporate + promotional videos as possible before you make one.

Watch those of your competition and partners’, completely different ones and similar ones, ones you hate and ones you love. We can do as much or as little as you’d like us to, but it will definitely help if you have some idea of what you love and hate, what you’re after and what you’re hoping to achieve with the use of video.

Will video deliver a ROI and how will I know?

Did you know, video can increase click through rates by 300%!

Optimised websites track masses of user interaction data, such as how long visitors stay on a page, watch your videos, what videos they view and share with their wider community and importantly their journey from prospective to paying customer.

This tracking information is vital for your business because it’s your ROI evidence of video, telling you who watched your video, what they did after they watched it, and lots more, ultimately, did they become a paying customer? And here’s the good bit, all this insightful  knowledge will enable you to plan and identify successful marketing strategies and goals based on real customer analysis, so you’ll know video is earning for you!

What’s the process?

The first steps are to work out what you need, your timeline, outcomes and targets, and what your budget is. With this information we’ll begin building your project; this could take 2 weeks, or it could take 2 months depending on the size of your project. We’ll plan it, budget it, timeline it, and possibly re-plan and re-budget it, ensuring it it’s a perfect fit for you.

Most video shoots will need some or all of the following: locations, equipment, crew, actors, and props, which can really swell or shrink a budget. Obviously, the more you require the bigger the budget, and vice versa. There’s no escaping that, but there are ways to keep costs down. Shortcuts exist, and they’re allowed! The bottom line is this: we will work with you to tweak these aspects, so you get a great product at a competitive price.

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