Documentary + Fiction Film & Video Production

 The power of film + video should never be underestimated!


In this vast world of ours there is always a story to be told, a point of view to be put forward or an issue to explore through the medium of documentary + fiction video production.

Documentary is such an exciting and thrilling field to work in. The opportunity for influencing and opening minds is endless: the difference documentaries can make to a life, many lives, a country, or the world is mind blowing because the possible stories to explore are endless! Documentaries are more than just a platform to vent, they are a stage to communicate, debate and connect, a place where the truth can be told, and voices can be heard.

Alternatively, fiction filmmaking occupies a space where anything can happen, the imagination is freed. Whether you choose to use fiction to illustrate a real-life story or use it to set free a mind-boggling imagination, the world is your oyster here.

But filmmaking is hard work too, whether documentary or fiction, films are the result of extensive research, knowledge, interviews, experience, imagination, planning, teamwork and of course a truck-load of passion and drive, in order to get your story told. In the past we’ve pulled entire crews together, sought locations, created budgets, managed paperwork, legalities, permissions, insurance, schedules and planning, through all the various production phases. At other times, we’ve worked on a finer detail of the filmmaking process, such as crewing or managing the actual production. Whatever you need, come and chat and we’ll work out a plan to meet your documentary + fiction video production requirements.

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