Fiction – Factory Gate Films (Every Good Boy Does Fine)

Dan Kokotajlo, coming from a background in fine arts, is a self-taught director and writer from Manchester. His debut feature film Apostasy, which he wrote and directed, had its world premiere at Toronto Film Festival in 2017 and also screened at San Sebastian and London Film Festival. He won the IWC Filmmaker Bursary Award 2017, before proceeding to Every Good Boy Does Fine. Real Film Productions joined forces with producers Factory Gate Films on this fine film, providing Production Management services.

Every Good Boy Does Fine follows Gary, a reclusive and jobless ‘undesirable’, who unbeknown to his father, pursuing the art of violin making from his council flat. Gary, now totally isolated from his family has only his little sister as a confidante and supportive person in his life. This is a poetic film about private passions and family redemption also featuring BJ Hogg, who appeared in Game of Thrones.

RFP happily production managed this lovingly crafted story, assembling additional crew and providing location and logistical support for the production. The film was led by some very experienced and professional crew who really made this a fabulous production and experience, including Cinematographer Gabi Norland, Production Design by Maggie Musial and Music by Aleah Morrison.

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