Other Passions – ASA Films / RFP (Manchester Kurdish Film Festival)

ASA films has brought Kurdish cinema to Manchester via the Manchester Kurdish Film Festival (MKFF) and for 6 years, the aim is to enable Kurdish filmmakers to exhibit their work in ‘foreign territories’, such as Great Britain, additionally to offer Manchester people a wider cultural experience of cinema.

This hugely successful festival resides at the Cornerhouse (now HOME) Manchester, with a willing audience and a welcoming place to call home, with a small ‘h’. Films are screened from all over the world but all with a common connection, a link to Middle eastern cinema and stories. Consequently our filmmakers come from Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran, Germany and even as far as Canada and many more. MKFF screens short films, feature films and documentaries and receives much support from like mind agencies and local government.

Although not typically in the RFP remit, we readily agreed to manage the festival (utilising our management skills we are great at) because of it’s potential for community outreach and it’s dedication to social issues and cultural inclusivity.

Managing MKFF can be hugely challenge, financing, negotiating legal aspects, cross border discussions and logistics of booking and transporting films and their makers to the annual festival. However it was a fabulous experience for us, meeting some amazingly courageous and inspiring people.

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