Fiction – ASA Films (My Father’s Picture)

ASA Films is a Production company with a particular interest in writing and directing culturally diverse films and as such has produced a wide variety of documentaries and fiction films based around the Middle East and a diverse range of Middle Eastern cultures.  Following this theme My Father’s Picture is a fictional film describing the heart ache and torment experienced by a mother and young son after the loss of their soldier husband and father.

My Father’s Picture was a large scale production for a short film, RFP gathered a crew of 30+ and a variety of locations from a busy inner city school to countryside camping and the quiet sanctuary of a cemetery. Additionally, apart from our need roles, large amounts of SA’s were also required to create a school full of youngsters! RFP assembled experienced crew, various locations, public permits, masses of actors and a very talented composer to finish off the production in elegant style.

My Father’s Picture has featured and been positively received at  many film festivals world wide. The result is a beautiful film showing the impacts of war on those left behind to pick up the pieces, attempting to create new normalities. The film was a great experience for us, it was creative, moving, truthful and one with growing relevance in today’s world.

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