Other Passions

We save this section for non-commercial work, as it’s not about money, fame or fortune. We’re not ‘do gooders’, but we do have a strong belief in doing good: caring for the society and neighbourhood we live in, and the world around us. In Other Passions we let loose and work on almost anything, whether documentary or fiction, local, national, or indeed international, with charities, NGOs, community groups, schools, students, or simply like-minded people with a burning desire to be heard.

In the past we’ve taken our filmmaking skills and documented a huge variety of projects, including those based on art, young people, the elderly, dance, social issues, and refugees. We’ve even had our time managing a film festival.

Our Other Passions work balances out the commercial work we do and we are both proud and enthusiastic to commit our professional skills to meaningful societal outcomes. If this is you, then please come and chat, we’d love to find out more about your particular needs.

To view a sample of our video and film work, please visit the Brinnington Lantern Parade.