Who we are

Real Film Productions is an ever evolving and growing team dedicated to producing great and often unique work, but then everyone says that don’t they? As a base line we produce in 4 major streams, categorised by documentarytraining + Instructionalcorporate + promotional and our final alternative category of ‘other passions’. We hold integrity in very high regard so we produce work to be proud of, work that is inspiring and uplifting, alongside necessary and respectable to the world around us.

More on our breakdown:


In the past RFP has been fortunate enough to work on some great documentaries, some in the UK and some in the Middle East (screened on Al Jazeera). Our documentaries are usually pretty cutting edge; they focus largely on people, adversity, stories of struggle … but also stories of survival and accomplishment. For Middle Eastern clients they tend to concentrate on Middle Eastern history and politics, a great challenge and massively interesting learning curve. What we learn and achieve from these documentaries is worth its weight in gold and makes it truly worthwhile for us.

Corporate + Promotional

Here we make your business better with the tools of video, we believe video is an amazing marketing tool that gives your customers an inside into your business, in a simple uncomplicated way. Everyone’s looking for customers these days so we think it’s great if you can make your business easy for customers to find, easy for them to get to know and easy for them to say yes to! We really get a lot out of leaving our customers happy …and with a growing customer base.

Training + Instructional

Our training + instruction category utilises video and audio as a highly skilful and effective medium for training staff and others. Video is an amazing training tool as it quickly and efficiently translates the learning required from trainer to trainee, from an easy to watch and understand platform.

We are able to provide video training material on a wide variety of subjects, alongside supplementary support offered to include additional languages via our wide database of language experts, subtitles, static video content, after effects, various locations options including white studio with infinity wall, DVD mastering and duplication and so on.

RFP is highly skilled and flexible in all areas of productions, we hold pre-production meetings with all clients, to discuss in detail, clients’ aims, needs and outcomes in all areas of their production. We commit ourselves to working towards building an appropriate project and financial plan that accurately meets clients’ needs, abilities and resources.

Other Passions
This probably sounds a strange section to most people, but it’s a special area where do things simply for the love of it! These stories and projects are our passion; these are the ethos of RFP, centred on people, community, and the world; the things we’d like to help change in the world. Other Passions highlights the things we believe in and the things we don’t agree with, people and communities that need help and those that are flourishing in unique and positive ways. The section rests firmly upon honesty, integrity, respect and simply doing what’s right in our small circles and for the greater good of the world. We’re not ‘do gooders’ but we do like to do good.


There’s a lot of things I do and I like to think I do them all for a reason, indeed for very good reasons. I work as a production manager / producer because I think I’ve got the skills for the role, all the usual stuff, organised, a self confessed OCD about paper work and filing, I thrive on variety and I love that moment when you get to sit back after finishing a job, when everyone is happy, and you feel proud of what you’ve achieved and how it all looks – magic!