Other Passions – Glitterfish Productions (RUEU?)

Glitterfish Productions is an arts based organisation focusing on using art to inspire, support and encourage both young and older people from all walks of life, focusing on social issues and inclusion for all. Their projects surround a variety of art forms including video and film, mosaic, painting, photography and so on. On this particular production Real Film Productions became involved to guide, train and support young people involved in developing this ‘real film’ exploring the introduction of identity cards and what this may mean for them and their peers.

Glitterfish Productions approached RFP to collaborate on this project being developed surrounding open discussions with young people on the necessity of identity cards (2010), encouraging young people to question the ID cards validity, implications and indeed very existence and additionally what it means to live in and be part of the ‘EU’.

The project involved working within a school with a particular group of young people over an extended period of time. The project focused on several art forms however RFP’s contribution surrounded the film and video aspect whereby we delivered basic camera training and tuition, alongside conducting vox pox interviews with the general public. Together with RFP, students then edited the video material into a film which openly discussed the ID card issue supported by the public’s opinions.

In 2010 this project was such a timely one, we felt we really could dive into head first. We relished the opportunity to support and encourage our young people to have active and inquisitive minds by questioning the world around them in relation to their thoughts and ideas and inspiring them to make up their own minds, intelligently and in an informed manner regarding how they feel about topical current affair issues.

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