Training + Instructional Videos

If you’ve landed on this page because you’re looking for training or instructional videos for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin with this titbit from the 2016 Training Industry Report which highlights that whether a large, medium or small company, currently one of the most used technologies for training is video tutorials. With this in mind, below are some commonly asked questions to start your thinking off.

What are the advantages of training + instructional videos?

Video training + instruction in the workplace can be interactive, thus increasing the chances of student engagement and learning.

Students are able to review their training + instruction videos multiple times at their leisure, again increasing learning absorption and retention.

Learning via training + instructional videos can be circulated and shared easily among multiple staff and learners, increasing consistency of learning and opportunities for peered learning.

Training + instructional videos eliminate skill gaps in the workplace by making learning readily and easily available, transferable and accessible to all identified learners.

Additionally, training + instructional videos benefit your customers by explaining complex products. This is different from merely promoting a product, because here the aim is to offer customers deeper more instructional information to complex products or services, building your clients trust and understanding of your business and it’s products.

Finally as a form of after-sales support, videos can provide your customers with after sales support, via explanations and answers to FAQ on their product or service, reducing the time your customers waste their valuable time waiting for product information.

What can training + instructional videos be about?

Short answer: Absolutely anything!

Long answer: As a starting point, training + instructional videos can be about anything from how to boil a kettle … to how to build a spaceship, literally absolutely anything! However, a successful training, training + instruction video should always be accessible to all, make learning easy, be clear, professional and appropriate for your learner.

And remember apart from the workplace training + instruction, videos are highly beneficial in other areas such as product descriptions, after-sales customer service training, as public information videos. The list is truly endless!

Is video production expensive?

Short answer: Doesn’t have to be!

Long answer: Obviously bells + whistles cost money but hey, maybe you don’t need bells + whistles! We sit with clients to work out what you do need, and we won’t bring unnecessary elements in. We’ll partner your budget creation process by discussing your targets and required outcomes, creating a custom-fit budget. If you need language translation, music, actors, audio specialists, props, locations, or specialist equipment then we’ll include that, but if you don’t, then we won’t waste your money on that.

Will making a video be time consuming?

Short answer: Doesn’t have to be!

Long answer: The way video/film works is that the more complex the video and the variety of elements needed, the more likely that it will become an expensive time-consuming process. So we’ll work out if you need these things and what’s right for you, working with you every step of the way, explaining the impact of all decisions, and thereby building you a custom-fit project meeting your individual needs and with only the necessary bells + whistles.

Will I have to be in the video?

Short answer: You don’t have to be!

Long answer: There are pros and cons here and no right or wrong answer. In fact, depending on the specific video you’re after maybe no one has to be in it. However, let’s say your video does require a human element, there are always choices. If you know your ‘product’ best and are comfortable in front of a camera then you may be the best person for the job; however, if you don’t tick all the boxes then we’ll source this aspect for you from our database of professional presenters and actors.

Where can I use training + instructional videos?

There’s lots of choices here too, but for the 3 main ones we highlight the following. Traditionally, videos can be delivered by DVD and then circulated as hard copy disks; this method requires no log in or ongoing costs.

Secondly, using a third-party portal who act as a host for your training + instructional videos online. Users are given login details and simply log in with password credentials, enabling easy online access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

A third alternative includes simply emailing videos to learners as and when required. This method offers control over when learning is made available to learners.

What’s involved in the video making process?

The first steps are to work out what you need; your timeline, outcomes and targets, audience, budget. With this information we’ll begin building your project; this could take 2 weeks, or it could take 2 months, depending on the size of your projects. We’ll plan it, budget it, timeline it, and then possibly re-plan and re-budget it, to mold the project into a product that’s a perfect fit for you.

Most video shoots will need some or all of the following: locations, equipment, crew, actors, and props. These can really swell or shrink a budget, as obviously the more of them you require the bigger the budget and vice versa. There’s no getting away from that, but there are ways to keep costs down. Shortcuts exist, and they’re allowed! The bottom line is this: we will work with you to tweak these aspects, so you get a great product at a competitive price.

To view a sample of our ‘Training + Instruction’ video work please click Vitalograph