Video production, 2018 already!

Well here we are in 2018, how did we get here so fast!? On the upside, opportunities for moments of reflection are great for reviewing how things went last year and of course thoughts and aspirations for a new year; new year new focus or keep up the good work? However baring in mind, the cliche of ‘if it isn’t broken, for goodness sake don’t fix it!’ Anyway here goes on my Top 2017 Moments review of RFP’s video production work.


2017 Top video client

In 2017 RFP was treated to some valuable experience at instructional and online video production. We had great experiences with some fab clients, including Vitalograph who we have now been producing videos with for 4 years (a minimum of 25 separate shoots!). Returning clients are always the best because they reassure us we’re delivering high quality video production services which our clients both want and have grown to expect. We’ve now topped up video productions in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean; who knows what language will be next! Consequently we source and employ a range of language and translation experts for all necessary shoots from an extensive database of contacts who are highly skilled and comfortable speaking to camera in their native languages.


2017 Top video crew

Vitalograph’s instructional videos train international doctors on the use of respiratory equipment featured in their clinical trials, consequently accuracy and high quality content is essential. To this end RFP employ highly skilled crew who consistently deliver; we rely on their attention to detail, accurately delivering to the brief and finely tuned camera and editing skills. At RFP we like to acknowledge a job well done and don’t mind a bit of boasting about our Top Crew. First up is ace camera operator and editor Cal Thomson who has delivered on numerous video productions for clients including Vitalograph and Beyond190, Cal has some great kit and is a breeze to work with. Secondly the ever capable Craig Murfin new to our camera and editing team but impressing us nonetheless, he is spot on target every single time, our clients love him! These guys constantly provide professional video material, always deliver products on time, demonstrate extremely high film and editing skills, nothing is too much trouble for these guys.


2017 Top video location

Our favourite studio for video productions is Budget Studio Hire, exceeding all expectations. Budget Studio Hire has a most impressive white infinity wall providing the perfect location and backdrop for our needs. The studio is excellently placed in Stretford, just outside Manchester city centre, it has great travel links, ample parking, great access for large sized equipment and props and a perfect uncluttered backdrop of pure white. Budget Studio hire is a real find and such a great partner for us! We’re so happy to be avoiding city centre parking restrictions and prices!

On the whole RFP’s video production service had a great year last year, so we’re ‘not fixing anything’, Just more of the same please. Ok tea time over, time to get back to it!