Training – Vitalograph

Vitalograph is a world leading provider of cardio-respiratory products and services to primary and secondary care, occupational health, the emergency services and pharmaceutical clinical trials. Vitalograph has teamed up with Real Film Productions since 2014, shooting and producing all online training videos, often in a variety of languages including English, Mandarin and Japanese.

RFP has been producing Vitalograph’s extensive range of online training videos since 2014, our remit is to produce on average 28 videos per project on the practical use and instruction of respiratory equipment for the aim of technically training doctors in hospitals worldwide. As with all our shoots we assemble appropriate crew to fit the particular project, including camera, lighting, sound departments and where necessary directors, writers and producers. In this case our camera department are required to bring together a variety of elements to fulfill the clients brief, including shooting medical industry technology products, voice-over dialogue, subtitles and other static elements. Additionally, videos are often required in other languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and so on, necessitating an extensive database of language experts and varying methodologies for the post-production edit and subtitle creation.

Accuracy, clarity and professionalism is paramount in these videos due to their medical nature; hence, we are delighted and reassured by our lengthy relationship with Vitalograph that our product consistently and skill amply meets their needs.

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