Who we are

Real Film Productions is an ever evolving and growing team dedicated to producing great and often unique work, but then everyone says that don’t they? As a base line we produce in 4 major streams, categorised by documentarytraining + Instructionalcorporate + promotional and our final alternative category of ‘other passions’. We hold integrity in very high regard so we produce work to be proud of, work that is inspiring and uplifting, alongside necessary and respectable to the world around us. Read more

Video production, 2018 already!

Well here we are in 2018, how did we get here so fast!? On the upside, opportunities for moments of reflection are great for reviewing how things went last year and of course thoughts and aspirations for a new year; new year new focus or keep up the good work? However baring in mind, the cliche of ‘if it isn’t broken, for goodness sake don’t fix it!’ Anyway here goes on my Top 2017 Moments review of RFP’s video production work.
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Promotional – Beyond 190 (Cricket Superstar & Nissan)

Beyond 190 is an independent content creation and creative studio catering for a variety of commercial clients and production houses. Their work can be found on magazine covers and promoting a variety of international sports and other events. In collocation with Beyond 190, Real Film Productions captured the British element of Nissan Middle East’s, Moments That Count campaign, a visually stimulating piece of film showing the popularity of cricket worldwide.
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